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Tea on Tuesday Tutorial


Well, winter is definitely here- still drinking tea- more times a day than usual!!! Everytime I go out to the barn, or just outside – a REALLY hot cup of tea is a MUST!!!

Altho’,  Sunday was beautiful and uncharacteristically warm, we are back to dreary, drizzly, cold weather.  Perfect for staying indoors.

Great indoor craft for today – make a tea towel- Christmas is only how many days away????? Easy gift!!


Here’s the link

I apologize for the short post – it was preposted due to a migraine in the works……please visit Patty and Nathalie for a list of other tea fanciers!!!


Tea on Tuesday


Just received some “happy mail” from my world traveling amiga, Teresa!!! Her latest jaunt took her and su esposo to Costa Rica.

And, I got TEA– more TEA!! I love the little tea packages from all over the world!!! I can travel vicariously thr’u the flavors and scents of the teas Teresa so generously shares with me.

This time – the box was filled with all calming teas, which, despite my bucolic surroundings, I NEED to drink daily!!!LOL


View from my porch last night- calming, yes……..????


View from the back deck early this morning, marred only by the sound of gunshots (hunting season….)


” Sunrise, sunset
Sunrise, sunset
Swiftly flow the days
Seedlings turn overnight to sunflowers
Blossoming even as we gaze

Sunrise, sunset
Sunrise, sunset
Swiftly fly the years
One season following another
Laden with happiness and tears”

(Fiddler on the Roof)

Here’s to a peaceful day for you all….please feel free to drop by every Tuesday, and share what fills your cup…….

There is Another Blog or Two……


When I came back to WordPress, I realized I had started another blog, way back in March of this year – just to showcase crap, er,uh, wonder-full “stuff” I unearthed while junque-ing!!!

So, I have resurrected the blog, posted the initial 1st post draft, and posted a 2nd with pix of a few recent goodies found.

If you love good junque, are an avid thrifter, or agree with the line “….one (wo)man’s trash…..” then drop by, FOLLOW, and comment.- PLEASE!!!!

I would love to have you visit – and who knows, some days, there might just be a giveaway of a fabulous piece of junque that you just MUST have!!!!

I have plenty of junque to share, talk about, and sometimes sell – so drop by often – you never know what will show up!!!


Here’s the link

Making Hay While the Sun Shines……..



….a familiar old phrase, which only now makes sense to me, as an adult, living on land where we do grow hay!!!

Since it takes several days to cut, flip, dry, and bale- “making hay”  is ALL dependent on the weather!! Bales for horses, whether round or square – need to be completely dry before and when baled. Moldy hay is not good for horses, altho’ cows, with their different digestive system, don’t mind mold at all!!!

We have salted hay bales , in case some were damp, to draw out the moisture. Sometimes this works, sometimes not.

Which leads me to the random subject of this post (!)- salt hay.

I recently came across a vintage photo of some men harvesting “salt hay” on LI.

Altho’ I  grew up on Long Island, in NY, I had never heard of this. Of course, I was a kid in suburbia, with no ties to farming, so why would I know? All I knew of LI, was what I learned in school – LI was about potatoes and fish, Jones Beach,and finding wampum on the beach!!! Of course,  there was much more to LI, but that was all that stuck in this child’s mind.


In doing a little research,  salt hay  grows along the shore.  Also known as thatch grass or salt meadow grass,  Spartina alternifloria is something I have probably always seen and never really noticed.

The root system of these grasses takes in water from the ground it is attached to, and can reduce the amount of salt in that water which is then expelled  through the leaves.

While regular hay is harvested 2 or ( if you are lucky) 3 times during the growing season, salt hay is harvested in the fall and winter.  It was used for thatched roofs and animal bedding, and I guess as livestock food when needed..

Unlike our hay, where cutting depends on growth and the weather, salt marsh hay, cut by hand and scythe, was cut depending on the moon and the tides. Here is a detailed link, describing harvesting salt marsh hay in the “olden days”!

I have 2 vintage scythes, like the ones pictured above – and can truly appreciate the amount of work that went into harvesting these grasses!!! I would NOT want to do it!!!

Today, salt hay is considered very good to use as mulch in organic gardens. There are no weed seeds to germinate, like in regular grass hay. We have used some of the spoiled hay we grow, as a mulch – and won’t do that again!!!! The seeds from the grasses in our hay were sprouting everywhere we did not want them to in the vegetable garden!!!LOL

Here is a photo by painter Frederick Kost, on LI – and a link to some more of his photos on harvesting salt hay. (There is also a pretty amusing 1902 newspaper article here about Kost- Limit of Laziness.)Image

So, for a weed seed free mulch for the garden, salt hay seems the way to go! I learn something new every day…….


I Blog, Therefore, I Am……



                                                     Does anyone else feel like that?


I have a photo of my son, when he was about 8 or 9, on his roller blades, wearing a shirt that said – “I Skate, Therefore I Am”. At that age, that was who he was.

My daughter has a t-shirt that says “I RIDE, THEREFORE I AM”


                                               I could wear so many of those t-shirts!


                                                           ~I quilt, therefore I am~

                                                       ~I take photos, therefore I am~

                                                         ~I create, therefore I am~

                                                          ~I write, therefore I am~

                                                           ~I ride, therefore I am~

                                         ~I am a MOM, therefore I was, am, and always will be~


What would we be, as humans, without our creative outlets, and the things that define us?

                          Would we cease to be…..?  Or, would we just be a shell of a human?


                                                             I exist- therefore I am?

                                                                  Is that enough?


Hmmm. thoughts to ponder, at the crack of way too early, this cold November morning…..



Early Morning Visitors



It got into the 20’s overnite, frost covered everything this morning.

And, yes, I  did forget to bring in some plants from the front porch…..sigh……..

When I went out to the barn to meet the farrier, we both glanced over into my hay field, and there, in the frosty grass, were two deer – down and resting!!! That NEVER happens – especially in the wide open field!!!

We chatted about deer, and elk that he had seen out west. Also, how I have NEVER seen a buck on the property- they are very reclusive.

After the farrier left, I ran in for my camera, and even tho’ I don’t have the best long distance lens, got off a few shots. The deer got up and left, but while I was feeding the horses, the  2 deer returned- and lay back down in the field !  They do feel safe here- but are acutely aware of hunting season, and when danger lurks- and, surprisingly – they seem to know when it is Sunday- when there is no hunting allowed !!!

The pair were definitely aware of me, and cautious, but since I don’t pose a threat, they hung around- at least long enough for me to get a few pix!!

When I got a chance to look at the photos – and zoom in on them – I realized that one of the deer was the ever elusive BUCK!!!! I have now seen the first buck on my property!!!! Had to call the farrier and leave a message telling him – guess what???!! LOL

I don’t want the deer to get to used to me – I have been able to approach-within 20 feet- some of the does who come into the paddocks to graze with the donkeys. But, I do not want to make it easy for the hunters, by making the deer unafraid of humans- sorry, guys !- and that includes, Mr. Green Jeans, who has 2 hunting blinds on the property.

When I called Mr. Green Jeans at work to tell him about our visitors, the neighbors had already called him (!) to tell him what they were seeing in our field!!!  Fortunately, they had already reached their 2 buck limit this season, so this buck is safe from them, should he wander off our property. But, then there is Mr. Green Jeans to contend with………..

While I am not a total “tree hugger”,  I don’t eat alot of meat, and definitely not venison- so I don’t see the point of killing such beauty. But, I do understand, particularly around here, hunting is a generational  lifestyle. Life here in the Gap area centers around hunting season. My only shooting is done with a camera!

Anyway, as I sit here, warming up, with tea in hand – let me share with you just a few of the photos of our morning visitors- the 4/5 point buck and his doe- and fingers crossed that he lives for another year……








While all this picture taking was going on, here patiently stood 3 of my babies- John, Yoshi, and Finn- staring thru’ the bars, wondering when I was going to hurry up and let them out into the front paddock !!


We’ve Moved!!!!!!!


Due to unceasing and increasing aggravation with blogger- from posting photos, to followers’ difficulties posting comments, to my difficulties managing, adding and or deleting blogs I follow, at the risk of losing all the followers I have accumulated over the years- I have decided to come home to wordpress!!!

I hope I will draw new followers, and I hope my old followers will cross over the cyber divide and follow me here!!!


Here’s to a new start, easy posting, commenting and blogging!!! I  hope you join me!!!