I Blog, Therefore, I Am……



                                                     Does anyone else feel like that?


I have a photo of my son, when he was about 8 or 9, on his roller blades, wearing a shirt that said – “I Skate, Therefore I Am”. At that age, that was who he was.

My daughter has a t-shirt that says “I RIDE, THEREFORE I AM”


                                               I could wear so many of those t-shirts!


                                                           ~I quilt, therefore I am~

                                                       ~I take photos, therefore I am~

                                                         ~I create, therefore I am~

                                                          ~I write, therefore I am~

                                                           ~I ride, therefore I am~

                                         ~I am a MOM, therefore I was, am, and always will be~


What would we be, as humans, without our creative outlets, and the things that define us?

                          Would we cease to be…..?  Or, would we just be a shell of a human?


                                                             I exist- therefore I am?

                                                                  Is that enough?


Hmmm. thoughts to ponder, at the crack of way too early, this cold November morning…..




About ooglebloops

I am possessed of a creative brain with no direction or set path! Most of that creative activity comes right from the brain thru the fingertips to a keyboard or pen. Now that we have moved to our dream place in the country, that manic creative urge explodes in so many directions, I can't keep up!! Sooo, this blog is an effort to channel the creative urge and display the results of a scattered mind- be it life on the farm, photography, my gardens, or the written word. (My past art-full creative endeavors can be found on:http://www.artfullyooglebloops.blogspot.com) NOW-I am actively posting on www.artfullyooglebloops.wordpress.com Any photos or art work on either of my blogs, are mine and mine ALONE (unless otherwise indicated!). Please do not borrow, lift, use, post or display anywhere without my permission. Thank you! Welcome all!!!!

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  2. It really is important for most of us to be able to create because it makes everyday more special & we are productive which is a great feeling in itself.

  3. wishing your new blog had a button to click so I would be notified each time you create a new post…
    on my WP the button is down at the bottom of comments by the ‘Notify me of follow-up comments via email’…I guess each template offers different features

    wanted to also say commenting is such a joy with no word verification hoops to jump through, those were driving me crazy

    Happy Thursday!

    • There should be a place you can edit blogs you follow- I did it with yours, and my email inbox is inundated with comments on each of your posts!!LOL Hope to reach that level of interest someday!!!!

  4. I feel stifled when I am not creating something whether it be a crazy quilting project or something good to eat. My mind is a quieter a place when I create…

  5. I also blog, therefore I am HERE. Thanks for leaving your link. I’ve visited your other site a LOT and could not comment. And you know I loved to leave a comment. I am delighted to see this new blog and I am going to check out WordPress. It should be better than Blogger. May I add your blog to my left sidebar? It would be great, especially whenever you join our dwindling group from Tea Tuesday.

  6. Hi!!! I like the mom one too!!! Now I need a grand ma one!!!! Actually I am called Mo Mo and that is the best thing I have ever been called!!! Without we would just be a shell where a human used to be…I am a new follower and I enjoyed my visit!!! Thank You

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