Photo Ops


I never go out without my camera, well, almost never!!!

You never know when a photo op will present itself!!

I was sitting in line at the bank drive thru’ the other day, and noticed a hawk sitting atop an old church across the way.

This old church has been the subject of mine before – its decaying bell tower has become a home for the local pigeons.

No doubt, the hawk is aware of this, and has assumed his post on the cross, in hopes of a meal trying to sneak by him.

The pigeons are hiding out!

I took a few photos thru’ my dusty windshield, until I was able to get thru’ the long bank line and park across the street from the church. I did not dare get out of the car, these hawks don’t appreciate human presence, and tend to fly off.

I don’t have the best camera, so my zoom lens is not the greatest. Plus, the sun , altho’  behind clouds, was directly behind the hawk. It is what it is – I was just happy to see him there, and that he hung out long enough for me to snap a few pics!!!



                                                                                              A little  pixlr-ating


hawk on cross






About ooglebloops

I am possessed of a creative brain with no direction or set path! Most of that creative activity comes right from the brain thru the fingertips to a keyboard or pen. Now that we have moved to our dream place in the country, that manic creative urge explodes in so many directions, I can't keep up!! Sooo, this blog is an effort to channel the creative urge and display the results of a scattered mind- be it life on the farm, photography, my gardens, or the written word. (My past art-full creative endeavors can be found on: NOW-I am actively posting on Any photos or art work on either of my blogs, are mine and mine ALONE (unless otherwise indicated!). Please do not borrow, lift, use, post or display anywhere without my permission. Thank you! Welcome all!!!!

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