Tea on Tuesday-



Enjoy these tea goodies found on the internet



Found this link on how to make a cute little tabletop cake tea party!!!  LINK

There is still time before Christmas, to whip up this cute little trivet and coaster set out of scraps for a last minute gift!!!  LINK

tea pot 158


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I am possessed of a creative brain with no direction or set path! Most of that creative activity comes right from the brain thru the fingertips to a keyboard or pen. Now that we have moved to our dream place in the country, that manic creative urge explodes in so many directions, I can't keep up!! Sooo, this blog is an effort to channel the creative urge and display the results of a scattered mind- be it life on the farm, photography, my gardens, or the written word. (My past art-full creative endeavors can be found on:http://www.artfullyooglebloops.blogspot.com) NOW-I am actively posting on www.artfullyooglebloops.wordpress.com Any photos or art work on either of my blogs, are mine and mine ALONE (unless otherwise indicated!). Please do not borrow, lift, use, post or display anywhere without my permission. Thank you! Welcome all!!!!

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  1. You find the most incredible tea items on the internet. I’m totally impressed! Happy Tea Tuesday. I’m with Patty. I can’t believe we will be having tea on Christmas day this year!

    I’m drinking something other than tea today, but it’s still a tea Tuesday for me, too.

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