I am back, I am back!!!!! I have switched my artfully ooglebloops blog back to WordPress.

I hope, like the Pied Piper, I can lead all my followers there, over HERE!! To read previous posts, look up artfullyooglebloops.blogspot.com.

I have 3 other blogs here, now dormant- altho one or two of them may be revived, since I am back in the world of WordPress- stay tuned!!! And, I hope you hang around here and follow “artfully ooglebloops” – I would be forever grateful…..


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    • I don’t know why it can’t be seen- I never changed anything!! Seth said the same, then he managed to find it, and others found a way to comment. Maybe it is not a comment “box”, but something else you have to click on? I am a big help, huh? LOL

    • Elizabeth, You may have to click on the title of the particular post, and then the comment box (and others’ comments) appears at the bottom of that post! I tried that, and it works!!!

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