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**********Shooting Stars ***********


At 4:51 am , the dog decided he had to go potty…..sigh.

Sunny always needs an escort, so up I get, and take him downstairs.

While waiting for him, I glanced out the window and remembered that this was the time of another meteor shower- the Geminid. December 13-14 is supposed to be good viewing.

I grabbed my coat and stepped out onto the back deck, gazing skyward and toward the east.  Almost immediately,  I caught a glimpse of a shooting star in my peripheral vision.

Within a few minutes, I was rewarded with the sight of a full on “tiny” meteor hurtling toward the horizon.

This was probably not the height of the shower, but I was able to catch sight of a few stragglers. Blink, and you would miss them.

It turned out to be a perfectly clear night (or early morning), a vast blackness of cavernous sky, dotted with every constellation known to man.

The soundtrack of the show was the early morning song of the roosters from all over the Gap. Not the cacophony  one would expect from a rooster crowing to greet the dawn, instead, their multiple voices resulted in a soft backround music that was perfect with the black backdrop of twinkling sky. The wild early birds had not yet risen, so the roosters were the first to herald the coming dawn.

Standing out in the COLD, under a huge canopy of sky, one is reminded how small we really are, in the scope of the world.

If it stays clear tonite, I may bundle up after dark, and go lie out on the picnic table, and look up, and maybe I will be lucky enough to see more of the sky show that is the Perseid meteor shower.

As a friend once said to me the last time this show came to town…..” Can I sell anyone a ticket to the meteor shower? ”

Greatest show on earth………  ***


                                          A page out of my sketchbook for the ArtHouse Sketchbook Project 2012

(- a simplistic homage to the clear night skies of the country, and the joking remark of a friend, who can sell anything to anybody!!!)


*                                                               *

*                                                                  *

*                                                          *

                                                                                             When you wish upon a star
                                                                                      Makes no difference who you are
                                                                                        Anything your heart desires
                                                                                                  Will come to you
                                                                                      If your heart is in your dream
                                                                                            No request is too extreme
                                                                                         When you wish upon a star
                                                                                                   As dreamers do
                                                                                                    Fate is kind
                                                                                       She brings to those to love
                                                                                          The sweet fulfillment of
                                                                                            Their secret longing
                                                                                       Like a bolt out of the blue
                                                                             Fate steps in and sees you through
                                                                                    When you wish upon a star
                                                                                       Your dreams come true