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Tea on Tuesday-



Enjoy these tea goodies found on the internet



Found this link on how to make a cute little tabletop cake tea party!!!  LINK

There is still time before Christmas, to whip up this cute little trivet and coaster set out of scraps for a last minute gift!!!  LINK

tea pot 158


Tea on Tuesday Tutorial


Well, winter is definitely here- still drinking tea- more times a day than usual!!! Everytime I go out to the barn, or just outside – a REALLY hot cup of tea is a MUST!!!

Altho’,  Sunday was beautiful and uncharacteristically warm, we are back to dreary, drizzly, cold weather.  Perfect for staying indoors.

Great indoor craft for today – make a tea towel- Christmas is only how many days away????? Easy gift!!


Here’s the link

I apologize for the short post – it was preposted due to a migraine in the works……please visit Patty and Nathalie for a list of other tea fanciers!!!