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Dog in Trouble…..


i am a fan of all things BULLY!!      Bully dog breeds that is…living with 4 at a time!!!

I rarely get involved in signing petitions, and avoid looking at sad stories and photos of animals- I know it is out there, but there is only so much one individual can do.

In this case, the article infuriated me- of course, we can never totally know all the facts, unless we were a fly on the wall.

But, from all appearances, it APPEARS that Dutch is being railroaded in Colorado !!!!


This is trainer James Kohout of Grand Junction, Colorado(photo courtesy of his FB page) who evaluated Dutch (who passed with flying colors, by the way! Did we have any doubt? NO!)

Gorgeous Dutch is a bully breed I was not familiar with – American Allaunt.

It seems he is being falsely accused of being a vicious dog, when in fact, this big pussycat, was forced to defend himself, after being subjected to EXTREME duress, at the hands of someone who was supposed to be taking care of him for the owner.

A recent report said the woman was trying to break up a dog fight – with a PIPE!! Seems extremely unlikely – more like she is trying to cover her a**!!!

And, anyone with a lick of sense, and knowledge of the bully breeds, KNOWS- that is SO NOT the way you would separate fighting dogs. Believe me, I KNOW, have been in that situation. If that were the case, and all  things indicate it was NOT the case, the woman went about it all wrong.

Dutch has no appearance of aggression in any situation – his overall look might cause a passerby to think he is mean – but they would be so wrong!!! These allegations appear to be totally unfounded.

This woman’s  “care” resulted in Dutch having to go to the vet, and now Dutch is being brought up on charges of being a vicious dog – the end result of which, could be the end of Dutch.

If Dutch were a chihuahua, a Sheltie, a poodle, or a cocker, each of whom can be temperamental and bite, I doubt that those dogs would be found in this situation.

Please read the links- read all you can about Dutch and his owners, I hope you will follow thru’ and sign the petition. Dutch also has a Facebook page- Save Dutch, where you can keep up to date on everything Dutch.