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Life is But A Dream………..


In today’s world, with bad news pummeling us from every news media source, retreating to an imaginary world seems oh, so appealing………

We creative types can lose ourselves in our art, in our quilting, in our writing, in our thoughts………..

To wake up unstressed by the world’s latest trauma, would be a blessing for all, wouldn’t it?

Not at all to lessen the trauma and the people involved in that particular upset, but a little less stress in my life would be welcomed.

And some would say, what kind of stress could you possibly have- I have a roof over my head, no natural disasters have destroyed my home, there is food on the table, home canned goods in the pantry, and relative good health all around.

I should sit back, shut up, and enjoy the serenity……….

But, within the confines of this seemingly bucolic living, stress seeps in. Whether from the outside world, or out of my own mind, it’s ever present!! LOL

Busy hands and mind keep the brain relaxed.

The sign off in every one of my emails says “Life keeps me crazed, art keeps me SANE(R)”

If it wasn’t SO true, I would use it as my tagline!!!LOL

Overactive imagination is my downfall, but it is also my salvation………


Take this picture (discovered on the internet, source unknown)




I know my horses let out their wings every night after midnight, and pull them in before dawn……… just like I KNOW my teddy bears get up after I go to sleep, and have a party all night long ♥

I also “know” that those darn bears have invited the field mice in , to join their nightly parties- but the mice won’t leave!!!! LOL

No, I am NOT nuts (well, I am pretty sure I’m not) …….just finding a way to relieve the stress sailing in nonstop, from the outside world.

What are your methods, for alleviating stress? Art, meditation, yoga, long walks in the woods, or staring at the night sky pondering the universe?

Feel free to share, so I , and others, know we are NOT alone in the madness………….





Art Is In the Eye of the Beholder….



Stacking wood can be more than tedium and necessity……it can be an art form!!!!!


download   ab

download c   download d


download f    download g


download h   download i


download j  download k


download l     download m


download ne


download p    download o


download q


Hard to choose – but I think my favorites are the little “cottages” and the window with the flower box!!!

(photos courtesy of Linda in a forwarded email,  and the wide open spaces of the internet)


Wonder if I can get Mr Green Jeans to do some artistic stacking next season……….hhhmmmmmm

An Artistic Eye……


My daughter and I share a love of photography.

We see beauty in everything, and take pictures of everything!!!LOL

Katie is starting a side business with her new camera. She is a dental assistant by day, and a self taught photographer in every other spare moment!

She has a Facebook page called Four Leaf Clover Photography, and is running a contest right now.

If you go to her FB page, LIKE it, AND SHARE it- you will be entered in a drawing to win a free 8×10 print of your choice from her gallery of photos!!

Pretty cool !!!

 I’d love to see her get to 50 fans by Friday (day of the drawing)- but even more would be great!!! A mother’s dream for her child…….:>)

Networking on the internet is an amazing thing! So, please check out Katie’s FB page, like her work, share with your friends, maybe even mention it on your blog or twitter page!!! Spread the word!

I would sooo appreciate it…….











Photo Ops


I never go out without my camera, well, almost never!!!

You never know when a photo op will present itself!!

I was sitting in line at the bank drive thru’ the other day, and noticed a hawk sitting atop an old church across the way.

This old church has been the subject of mine before – its decaying bell tower has become a home for the local pigeons.

No doubt, the hawk is aware of this, and has assumed his post on the cross, in hopes of a meal trying to sneak by him.

The pigeons are hiding out!

I took a few photos thru’ my dusty windshield, until I was able to get thru’ the long bank line and park across the street from the church. I did not dare get out of the car, these hawks don’t appreciate human presence, and tend to fly off.

I don’t have the best camera, so my zoom lens is not the greatest. Plus, the sun , altho’  behind clouds, was directly behind the hawk. It is what it is – I was just happy to see him there, and that he hung out long enough for me to snap a few pics!!!



                                                                                              A little  pixlr-ating


hawk on cross





Tea on Tuesday


Just received some “happy mail” from my world traveling amiga, Teresa!!! Her latest jaunt took her and su esposo to Costa Rica.

And, I got TEA– more TEA!! I love the little tea packages from all over the world!!! I can travel vicariously thr’u the flavors and scents of the teas Teresa so generously shares with me.

This time – the box was filled with all calming teas, which, despite my bucolic surroundings, I NEED to drink daily!!!LOL


View from my porch last night- calming, yes……..????


View from the back deck early this morning, marred only by the sound of gunshots (hunting season….)


” Sunrise, sunset
Sunrise, sunset
Swiftly flow the days
Seedlings turn overnight to sunflowers
Blossoming even as we gaze

Sunrise, sunset
Sunrise, sunset
Swiftly fly the years
One season following another
Laden with happiness and tears”

(Fiddler on the Roof)

Here’s to a peaceful day for you all….please feel free to drop by every Tuesday, and share what fills your cup…….

Early Morning Visitors



It got into the 20’s overnite, frost covered everything this morning.

And, yes, I  did forget to bring in some plants from the front porch…..sigh……..

When I went out to the barn to meet the farrier, we both glanced over into my hay field, and there, in the frosty grass, were two deer – down and resting!!! That NEVER happens – especially in the wide open field!!!

We chatted about deer, and elk that he had seen out west. Also, how I have NEVER seen a buck on the property- they are very reclusive.

After the farrier left, I ran in for my camera, and even tho’ I don’t have the best long distance lens, got off a few shots. The deer got up and left, but while I was feeding the horses, the  2 deer returned- and lay back down in the field !  They do feel safe here- but are acutely aware of hunting season, and when danger lurks- and, surprisingly – they seem to know when it is Sunday- when there is no hunting allowed !!!

The pair were definitely aware of me, and cautious, but since I don’t pose a threat, they hung around- at least long enough for me to get a few pix!!

When I got a chance to look at the photos – and zoom in on them – I realized that one of the deer was the ever elusive BUCK!!!! I have now seen the first buck on my property!!!! Had to call the farrier and leave a message telling him – guess what???!! LOL

I don’t want the deer to get to used to me – I have been able to approach-within 20 feet- some of the does who come into the paddocks to graze with the donkeys. But, I do not want to make it easy for the hunters, by making the deer unafraid of humans- sorry, guys !- and that includes, Mr. Green Jeans, who has 2 hunting blinds on the property.

When I called Mr. Green Jeans at work to tell him about our visitors, the neighbors had already called him (!) to tell him what they were seeing in our field!!!  Fortunately, they had already reached their 2 buck limit this season, so this buck is safe from them, should he wander off our property. But, then there is Mr. Green Jeans to contend with………..

While I am not a total “tree hugger”,  I don’t eat alot of meat, and definitely not venison- so I don’t see the point of killing such beauty. But, I do understand, particularly around here, hunting is a generational  lifestyle. Life here in the Gap area centers around hunting season. My only shooting is done with a camera!

Anyway, as I sit here, warming up, with tea in hand – let me share with you just a few of the photos of our morning visitors- the 4/5 point buck and his doe- and fingers crossed that he lives for another year……








While all this picture taking was going on, here patiently stood 3 of my babies- John, Yoshi, and Finn- staring thru’ the bars, wondering when I was going to hurry up and let them out into the front paddock !!